Converting valuable business data into actionable analytics for better decision making.

You know the data is there. Now turn your organization into a data-driven powerhouse with GreenDot Systems. Business Intelligence Consulting from GreenDot Systems is all about creating bottom-line value for our clients’ companies.

  • No more juggling vendors. We integrate our proven architecture, so you can focus on solutions.
  • No more frustrating one-size-fits-all technology. We develop fast, reliable and secure data warehousing solutions uniquely suited to your needs.
  • No more “winging it” without fact-based intelligence. Helping you to leverage technology to drive insights and strategic value.

The security of working with recognized leaders.
Business intelligence systems shouldn’t be patched together from a hodge-podge of assorted software. As award winning thought leaders in business intelligence, we have been recognized for our ability to integrate the most trusted platforms in the field with customized business solutions that make sense for our customers.

Integrating financial and operational data. 
You can’t beat your competition if you don’t have the data you need to make informed business decisions. Our business intelligence systems integrate financial and operational data so you can not only see where you’ve been and where you are, but also where you need to go from here and how to get there: Total Business Intelligence.